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Prices are expressed in net amount

On USB Stick

Qualified Electronic Signature saved on Token connected to your computer by USB port.

  • Starting from 65€ net
  • Feitian or Gemalto Reader
  • Valid from 1 to 3 years
On Electronic ID

Qualified Electronic Signature stored on your ID (Polish Citizens only, Polish ID) NFC connected.

  • Starting from 49€ net
  • Optional Reader
  • Valid from 1 to 3 years
In the Cloud

Qualified Eletronic Signature (ecSigner) accessible from the cloud by your smartphone.

  • Starting from 69€ net
  • Reader: Internet Connection
  • Valid from 1 to 3 years
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PRICELIST: Qualified Electronic Signatures

corporations, institutions, organizations and public establishments

advanced solutions for companies
Qualified Electronic Seal (ECQSS SEAL or HSM)

Qualified Electronic Seal (ECQSS) is a convenient method to authenticate documents issued by the company, such as invoices or orders.

  • Starting from 299€
  • Cloud and onPremise version
  • Valid 2 years
ŹRÓDŁO application cards Gemalto ID Prime 930NC

Card ID Prime 930nc is valid to use in ŹRÓDŁO of pl.ID program.

  • Starting from 49€
  • Compatible with: PKI and OTP
  • Personalization: Mnistry of Digitization
Certificate S/MIME (e-mail) Certificate Authority

Certificates that allows you to sign and encrypt e-mails.

  • Starting from 9,90€
  • Reader: Internet access
  • Valid: 1 year
How Qualified Electronic Signature can help in your daily business?

increase your reach

Example scenarios for using the signature:

Civil-law contracts with contractors

Less paper, distance contracts, time savings.

Contact with institutions

Financial statements, tax declarations, customs declarations, JPK, correspondence with the office, Social Security, registrations, civil status records.

Auctions, tenders, surveying, architecture

Automate signatures on hundreds of pages/files.

Valid in all EU countries

Qualified electronic signature is available for citizens of Ukraine. We speak Ukrainian and Russian.

Bet on a proven exhibitor

Products for experts

Products to support the creation of tools for the dissemination of digital services and, most importantly, the implementation of a well-functioning electronic identification in Poland.

PSD2-compliant qualified certificates

The product is intended for non-banking entities (Third Party Providers) seeking to obtain a payment institution license from the Financial Supervision Commission.

Certificates for the National Node

Certificates designed for the public administration units of Poland, complying with the requirements of the National Node for Electronic Identification. Designed for asertion decryption and request signing.

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We issue signatures on the spot or with the arrival to the customer: Lodz, Brzeziny, Aleksanrów Łódzki, Konstantynów Łódzi, Zgierz, Pabianice, Rzgów. Koluszki… Qualified electronic signatures and Qualified Certificates are relatively young products that raise doubts among buyers. We will guide you through the process of issuing a signature, applying security rules for use and installation on your laptop.


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    Qualified Electronic Signature for foreginers It is not only a convenience of use, but sometimes a necessity. In this article we present three specific examples of using a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) by a foreigner, along with reference to relevant legal regulations.

    Identity verification, a crucial step in various legal and administrative tasks, often involves time-consuming visits to notaries. However, there’s a faster and more accessible alternative: leveraging ...


    Qualified electronic signatures and qualified electronic seals are two different tools used to ensure the security and authenticity of electronic documents.

    On August 19, 2023, the provisions of the Act of July 28, 2023, on the delegation of drivers in road transport came into effect. Road carriers from third countries, whose drivers carry out bilateral or other international transport on the territory of the Republic of Poland, are obliged to equip their drivers with a confirmation of delegation to the territory of the Republic of Poland from a third country during inspections.

    UniStyle.pl proudly announces the opening of a new branch in Ireland under the brand Contric.com. This strategic decision is a response to the increasing demand for advanced services related to secure electronic signatures in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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