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Place where you can issue an electronic signature in Lodz, Poland

Qualified electronic signature in Lodz right at the junction of the A1 and A2 highways It takes only 15 minutes to issue on the road or in our office

Qualified Electronic Signature – to buy in Łodzi:

Al. Tadeusza Kosciuszki 80/82 lok. 302
90-437 Lodz
GPS: 51.76039527490971, 19.45637059696166
Plus Code: QF64+5G Łódź
Google Pin: Podpis Elektroniczny Lodz (Łódź)

Under the office building there is a parking lot for the company’s clients.

Here you can issue electronic signatures and qualified seals, saved on:

  • Token (USBStick)
  • Cloud ecSigner

Signatures requiring verification of identity during a meeting with a verifier are performed on-site at the office or by driving to the client’s location. Each option requires confirmation of the appointment:

In Lodz on Kosciuszko Alley 80/82 at UniStyle.pl you will also purchase an electronic seal, SSL certificates with EV and OV validation level and non-qualified certificates. A qualified electronic signature can be made on the basis of an ID card (including e-card) and passport for a Polish citizen and only on the basis of a passport for citizens of other countries.

We are one of the few to provide an identity verification service based on the mObywatel application that  incudes mDowód.

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